July 07, 2014

Peachy Polish Dupes

I went into Target the other day and as usual found myself in the beauty isle looking for Essie in Tart Deco (after seeing how pretty it looked online). Then I thought to myself "how unique is this color.. I mean really?" and "jeez, this is $8.59 a bottle.. I wonder if there's a cheaper dupe around here?". In no time at all I came across 3 possible dupe contenders which all cost less than the Essie polish.
From left to right: NYC in Hampton Peach, Sinful Colors in Hazard, Sally Hansen in Peach of Cake, and Essie in Tart Deco.
NYC and Essie were the most similar polish shades to one another except NYC's was a smidge brighter. Sinful's was the darkest of the lot and was more of a pumpkin peach shade in comparison. Sally's was the lightest and more of a pale peach orange shade. I ended up getting NYC as it was such a similar shade of polish to Essie's and it was also the cheapest polish of the lot at $1.72 (that's practically 5 bottles of NYC polish for the cost of 1 bottle of Essie polish). Honestly the NYC polish applied very similar to Essie's, and my nails were fully painted in 2-3 coats. For the low NYC price I ended up buying some more polish and got NYC's matte topcoat.
From left to right: NYC in Hampton Peach, and NYX in Matte Me Crazy.
As a side note... these peach shades don't photograph well on the iPhone5 as this polish has a bit more pink to it than the above photo shows (it's much prettier in person).

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Claudia Medas said...

you need to try the Kiko one! :)