February 07, 2013

Nolita Nails - Tutorial

The other day I posted on my FB that next week consisted of 3 holidays... Chinese New Year, Mardi Gra, and Valentine's Day. So I asked everyone what type of nail design should I do and received several mash-up type ideas... but I honestly still wanted something a bit trendier rather than traditional. It wasn't until I came across a new clothing line coming out for Target on Chinese New Year that I found my holiday trio inspo. The new line is by Prabal Gurung and the theme happens to be about "love" so... there's my v-day part. The colors consist of mardi gra's infamous purple, yellow, and green shades (which the overall look does remind me just how festive mardi gra is!), and the Chinese part... well Mr. Gurung is Asian and of course its release date is on Chinese New Year so... I present these simple Nolita style nails.
Step 1: Apply a clear base coat (optional).
Step 2: Apply a base color in either yellow or white.
Step 3: Using several different colored nail art stripers haphazardly make 2-3 overlapping lines in each color going from the base to the tip of the nail.
Step 4: Apply a clear top. Let dry completely.

Side Note: If you don't have a bunch of nail art stripers or don't trust yourself with a nail art brush than try picking up a pack of BiC markers to draw on some lines instead, but I'd recommend using a white polish as a base color since the BiC markers are a bit transparent.

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