June 27, 2012

June's Beauty Buys

I have bought quite a few new products recently and I just wanted to share some of my favorites this month so, if you like this type of post I'll try to do them every month or so :)
China Glaze polish in Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, I know this isn't a new item but I got this as a dupe for the Sinful Polish in Neon Green because I honestly hate the formula of the Sinful polish as it took 7 coats to accomplish what the China Glaze polish could do in 2-3 coats and thus it was a much better formula. These are very similar colors to one another and I would consider them a close dupe. I've been favoring this shade lately since seeing a very similar shade on the Ring My Bell blog which was my reason for getting this polish.

I have been seeing sooo many people wearing red lipsticks lately that I ended up finding one with a pink undertone to it and it was a new product by Wet N Wild called Red Velvet. The formula is really nice, it has a matte finish and these lipsticks are sooo pigmented and totally worth the purchase (I did grab a few other shades, heh). I also line my lips before applying this using my Apple colored Nabi lip pencil.

Another polish that I got complimented on numerous times from complete strangers and family is Sally Hansen's magnetic polish in Electric Emerald however, I'm sure you'd get just as many comments on it from any of there magnetic polish shades. So while sporting this be prepared to tell people how the polish works, heh.

Also Maybelline has some super cute Porcelain Limited Edition lipsticks out right now and OMG if you like pastel shades then you'll be grabbing them up in a heart beat like I did, haha. I ended up buying Porcelain Pink and Pink Fuschia (although Porcelain Pink looks better on my skin tone). I have a feeling these could be dupes for some of the Barry M lipsticks I have but I haven't done a comparison yet. The only downfall for me is that these taste horrible but I guess you could add some fruity lip gloss over top to mask the taste :P

I also picked up a new liquid eye liner which is the Milani eyeliner Eye Tech Extreme. It is pretty good stuff as it doesn't flake, it's long lasting with staying power, and it isn't that hard to apply since it is a felt tip liner. I found out about this liner from another beauty blogger but I can't remember her blog, fail. The only downfall for me is that I feel with felt tip liners when you're putting it on over top eyeshadow the felt tip doesn't seem to flow that well after a few times of use so I think I'm still preferring my normal Rimmel pro liquid eyeliner since it's a brush applicator.

The last product I'll post about here is Milani's multitasker face powder which I got in the color Tan. Obviously the tan shade is wayyy dark for me to put all over my face but I've been using this as a contour/bronzer and an eyeshadow. The product is super pretty looking in the packaging, the powder is soft to the touch and applys evenly while being a bit blendable. I do recommend giving it a try if you're looking for a matte type of product like this because it does stay on nicely so, I may try another shade which I can use all over my face later on.

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