April 01, 2012

Pushing Pounds - Round 1

I knew this week was going to be a bad week to decide to try and do my Pushing Pounds weight loss project... but I didn't do too bad and I did manage to lose 3.2lb regardless, which is a bit under what I was weighing back in Feb. this year. I have managed to drop 7.6lb from my heaviest weight which I believe was back in Nov. last year... so I obviously haven't been trying all that hard to lose weight yet, meh. I did not manage to workout at all this weekend but I did keep track of what I ate... I didn't really deprive myself of anything like sweets either but instead of eating several cookies or something I'd eat just one, or just have a normal handful of almond M&M's, and I'd only attempt that once a day rather than eating junk throughout an entire day. I also limited my diet soda consumption to a can a day if I felt the need for one, and I opted for the caffeinated version in hopes of getting a little energy boost off of it if anything, heh. So, obviously my diet isn't perfect thus far but it is some improvement which is better than none at all.

My breakfast generally consisted of an Activia yogurt or granola bar, along with a cup water or a cup of Gatorade. Today I actually heated up some frozen berries I had and put the yogurt on top which was pretty good actually because the yogurt added some sweetness to any bitter tasting berries. Usually a snack for me could be pretty similar to a breakfast item as mentioned or it'd be something sweet like 1 cookie and a drink, or even a banana, or handful of pretzels. I'd only have 1 snack a day so, I wasn't depriving myself of anything that I'd see sitting around my counter taunting me, haha.

Lunch time for me this week was either part of a taco salad, a can of beef stew and grilled cheese sandwich, or even half a chicken wrap from Chick-Fil-A with a tbsp of spicy dressing and a side of cole slaw. I found lunch time was generally when I had my can of diet soda for the day.

As for dinner this week I'd have a serving of plain macaroni noodles with some butter, salt, and parmesan cheese (easy on those additives!) with a heaping bowl of baby brussel sprouts. Another night I had 4 jumbo shrimp with stuffed crab meat, a cup of peas, and a side salad with dressing. Another night I had the rest of my taco salad from my lunch (about 3/4 was left from lunch). As for drinks I'd usually have some Gatorade or an unsweet ice tea with some Equal added in, or I'd have a diet soda if I hadn't had one that day.

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