September 06, 2011

Create Fuller Lips

For the past month or so now I've been on a create fuller looking lips! Sure I've looked at nearly every lip plumping tutorial there is, but the fact of the matter is...nothing has really ever worked for me. Lip plumpers make my lips peel as an end result, and light colored lip glosses disguise them instead of making them look fuller and existent. So now that I've recently been receiving compliments on my lips (for once in my life!) I decided to share my below lippy look.
Step 1 Exfoliate: Lightly brush your lips using a wet toothbrush to exfoliate them (you can do this while you're brushing your teeth). I'd recommend using a cool mint whitening tooth 'paste' (not 'gel' based) as the cool mint can have a plumping effect on your lips in itself, the whitening to bring out those pearly whites to better showcase your lips, and a paste because it's actually gritty enough to gently exfoliate your lips.
Step 2 Moisturize: Use a hydrating chap-stick/ointment like Aquaphor and allow your lips to absorb the moisturizer for several minutes (I do this before applying my makeup and then continue on to the next step after my makeup is done).
Step 3 Line: Apply a natural shade of pencil lip liner like Prestige waterproof lipliner/contour in Nude. Line the bottom lip slightly outside the lip line. To line the top lip round it outward from the peaks to the outer crease and fill in any gaps from the actual lip for a slightly rounder/fuller pouty shape. Line the "V" a little below or on the lip line. Press your lips together to blend on the lip liner and use your finger to even it out (it'll look like a lipstick basically).
Step 4 Lipstick: Apply a matte nude lipstick all over the lips and liner, I used Revlon matte lipstick in Nude Attitude.
Step 5 Blend: Pucker out your lips (like a kissy face) and even out the color using your finger and you're done!
Step 6 Touch Ups *Optional*: Throughout the day I'll do touch-ups to my lips using Rimmel's lipstick in Airy Fairy (although this extra step won't really create fuller looking lips).

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