June 23, 2011

Secret Obsession

For unknown reasons I really do enjoy giving old furniture a new life.
In the before picture (above) is a dresser that's similar style to what I grew up with as a kid (I always hated it!), its boring, dull, and this one was very worn (even missing a handle). This one I saw on eBay for $0.99, so I sketched it up on MS Paint and came up with a few new looks for it (I think the dark one came out pretty nice).
Above is another eBay find I found for $0.99 and I do like the original diagonal pattern on the two bottom drawers (although I'm going to change it all anyway). I like the retro feel of the pale celery shade one I came up with, I opted to change out the hardware on the first one and paint it in order to tone down its originally busy design.


D.Sadie said...

Nice! That's really cool. =D

Jenny said...

I totally had the same dresser as a kid & hated it too! But all done up in black it's way awesome! :O