May 18, 2011

Purr by Katy Perry Perfume - Quick Review

I recently tried Katy Perry's Purr Perfume which comes in a cute purple cat shaped bottle with diamond eyes and a silver heart "Purr" charm but that's probably the best thing about this perfume.
Purr claims to be "playful and sophisticated" however, I find the scent to be childishly bitter sweet which must be from the vanilla, I did not smell any sophistication at first or really much later but it does almost die down to a pungent old lady smell at times, perhaps that's the rose in is a complicated scent to pin point exactly. It has a soft scent from the musk however, peach scents always seem a bit strong and potent in my opinion as it does with this. I really had to put my nose right up to the scent at first to really get a good whiff of it. I don't really care for this on myself and it gave me headache and a sore throat to be honest. You could probably find a similar cheap body spray at your local drugstore that's full of isopropyl alcohol that will smell similar to this.

Peach nectar
Forbidden apple
Jasmine blossom
Bulgarian rose
Vanilla orchid
Creamy sandalwood

I believe in 2001 Dulce and Gabbana made Light Blue for women, which has similar ingredients (rose, apple, jasmine and musk to be exact) to Purr but I don't have the DG right now to compare the two.

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