May 24, 2011

Fast Food Ordering Rant

Ever since last year when a Taco Bell had doubled my order by accident and gave me a hard time about it I have taken notice that this has become an ongoing issue. Nearly every drive-thru fast food joint from Burger King to McDonalds almost always does this to me (you can fill in the blanks)...

Them: Welcome to ___ can I take your order?
Me: I'd like a number ___ with a ___.
Them: Ok, two number ___ with a ___, that'll be $___ (x2) at the window.
Me: No, just ONE!

I am just wondering when they decided I wanted TWO of whatever all the time. I am seriously thinking that all these people are being trained to do this recently. Even though most of the people working the drive thru here are Hispanic where I live I wouldn't mistake ONE/TWO or UNO/DOS on a persons order, this is basic english/spanish that even most children know (thank you Dora the Explorer!). I have Tweeted about this issue numerous times now and want to it conspiracy? Is there truth to this? Can I get some sort of fast food compensation for this constant annoying error? Well, I won't hold my breathe on the last one but a little improvement would be awesome.

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