November 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland UD Palette Dupe

Awhile back ago I really wanted the Alice in Wonderland Palette from Urban Decay but I recently found an awesome dupe for it which is much cheaper!

E.L.F.Beauty Book in Sparkle or EyeBrights is $5 at Target (only sold online?)
Urban Decay in Alice in Wonderland is $50 (currently sold out?)
-The colors that you'll find from Alice in Wonderland that dupe this E.L.F. palette are... Alice, Queen, Underland, White Rabbit and Jabberwocky

Apparently Urban Decay in Alice in Wonderland is similar to their Book of Shadows palette as well.
-The colors that you'll find from the Book of Shadows that match this E.L.F. palette are... Sidecar, Gridlock, Midnight Cowboy, Roach, Protest, Shattered, Last Call and Grifter

The E.L.F. Beauty Book in EyeBrights I believe is the same thing as the Sparkle palette except it has 2 additional colors added in the palette which are cream eyeshadows. I'm not sure if Sparkle perhaps has more shimmer then the EyeBrights eyeshadow palette or not.

Alice in Wonderland vs. Book of Shadows
(Dupe List, thanks to The Makeup Drawer! Swatch's available there as well!)

Alice= Painkiller
Oraculum= Baked
Queen= Last Call
Chessur= Chopper
White Rabbit= Polyester Bride
Wonderland= Maui Wowie
Curiouser= Grifter
Muchness= X
Mushroom= Mushroom
Midnight Tea Party= Midnight Cowboy
Vorpal= S&M
Absolum= Homegrown
Drink Me, Eat Me= Sin
Mad Hatter= Twice Baked
Jabberwocky= Oil Stick

Or perhaps I could get away with using my Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette...what ya think?!
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P.S. Check out BrushingOnBeauty for CS88 Swatches ;D

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