August 10, 2010

TJ Maxx Haul

Black Suede Buckled Peep Toe Pumps by Nine West $35
Black Sunglasses by Franco Sarto $10 (originally $20+)

Black Handbag by Franco Sarto $35
I've also seen this bag in the interior design pattern and tan color (at Macys for originally $89-70).

I did find it a bit interesting that I ended up picking out 2 items which were both by the same designer as I was just speed shopping through the departments as I had half an hour before going to work.

I def think the purse was worth it since it does come with a coin purse and umbrella and you can play with its zipper sides ;D

I've recently been trying to be more trendy/fashionable...err...I feel FAIL though, feedback would be appreciated. This look would prolly be best for fall time BTW as its still too hot out for a boots and jeans combo. My recent attempt on the Japanese style hair bun...I should've wrapped my hair around the base as this attempt seems more dressy rather then casual.
Dark Gray Striped Top from Avenue
Skull Pocket Skinny Jeans from Debs
Black Boots from Target
Yellow Leather Satchel Purse by Lucky Brand Jeans from TJ Maxx
Sunglasses by Franco Sarto from TJ Maxx
Ring and Necklace from Ebay

Another TJ Maxx splurge I had was this yellow satchel purse (photo above) for around $60 by Lucky Brand Jeans...I'm still not sure it was really worth the cost to be honest :P BTW, did ya hear bout the couple that recently got wed at TJ Maxx?!

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