June 15, 2010

Boston Get-A-Way

This past weekend was spent in Boston, MA with my friend from BTV! We didn't do a whole lot due to the yucky weather and my longgg flight delay on JetBlue. However we did make it out to The Capital Grille which is sooo good and $$$, I had the Chef's Special Delmonico Steak...it was huge and I'm usually not a huge steak fan at all but WOW, sooo good as are the mash potatoes and bread. I'll definately be checking out the local ones in the DC area!

Also watched the Celtics game, WOOOooo FINALS BABYYY! haha. As long as they don't go from 1986 to 2008 to win again, lol, talk about dry spell back in the day.

Driving around Boston honestly looks a bit ghetto...kind of like how Baltimore is here, they also are known for seafood. A place of Sam Adams Boston Lager and actually quite a number of movies take place their as well (on that note I will not be drinking the tap water in Woburn...ever). Surprisingly their seem to be a number of Irish settlers here although my local friend has an Italian background. Apparently their will be an occasional moose that may get in your path of driving, avoid hitting them at all costs!

Well it's time for me to go home after a long day at work and hopefully I'll get around to watching Planet 51 and The Princess and The Frog...yeaaa for still being a kid at heart ;)

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