April 17, 2009

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28

My new digi cam FINALLY arrived! It only took a month and a half thanks to that horrific scam of an online company I mentioned before. Anyway, here's a few unedited photos I took today on my drive around town (photo's shot from my car). I believe I used the wrong setting for these shots (whoopsie!), no flash of course but I did attach my black lens hood.I saw these speckled turkey hens (I think that's what they are? lolz) running in the grass next to the street so I just had to pull over and snap a few shots of these cute rounded gals, not sure their exact breed but they looked lively and interesting enough.
This house looked so cute in all its April floral glory. Sorry you can see my side view mirror on the bottom right corner...I was driving and snapping at the same time :P Luckily it's not a busy street.Just as I hit a gravel path I saw a sign that read "No Trespassing" so as I turned around in a nearby driveway I saw this blonde mini horse all alone and chomping away at the newly growing grass. It reminded of "Rob & Big" with their mini horse (I lovvvve that show, but I guess it's just Rob Dyrdek now-a-days).
Since when do cops drive trucks? with shell-tops no-less? Anyway...had to snap a photo of my recent find ;P

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Jen said...

Very nice camera!! Great zoom!