September 25, 2008

Mods Free Gifts

I got my order from ModCloth today!! Not only did it come with my "hedgehog shower friend" (I was a bit disapointed because I thought this would vibrate to massage your head but its actually hollow inside, bummer) and the "haute hitchhiker bag" in teal but they sent 2 free items along with it. One item which was a pair of "Technicolor Foliage Earrings" in blue that I was eyeing and another item which is a purple headband and of course another $5.00 gift certificate. Secretly the gift certificate has the same discount code# as my other if you'd like to know the code to get a discount on a purchase of $15 or more, just send me a comment along with your e-mail/web url ^.^

Also if you like the "haute hitchhiker bag" you can checkout the maker through loopnyc (which is totally an adorable flash website with the cute bags as seen below!). This bag is a pretty decent size too, even if you're a bit on the plus side ;) hehe.

Also if you've ever wondered about getting that Amy Winehouse look, check out this article I found on the Loop site. The latest items I found on Modcloth that I like are the "Domo Arigato Flight Bag" (nice for my airline job but a bit pricey and no dims on the site) and the "Sweet Nectar Wallet".

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