October 21, 2008


I wanna go to Karu & Y the 25th to see mah girl Tila Tequila on her B-Day! Only prob is...its in Miami, FL (not really a prob as I work for the airlines, just getting a seat is the prob) and I have to work Sunday afternoon, wahhh. I received my Ozon flat iron yesterday. It works fairly well but...not nearly as well as the 4 time use I had of my GHD. My hair feels a bit dry and brittle, my mom said the same thing. So Ozon really doesn't do anything for the porous texture of your hair as GHD did. It is decent but no identification of when it's fully heated and no soft texture to the hair as with GHD. I will probably hang on to this Ozon for now to see how it holds up. It does seem to work a bit better than my Wal-Mart flat iron, I think it just has to do with the heat of it and the shape of it which allows you to create curls.

Random Thought: Is my blog turning into the better bureau? haha.

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